Cicadas & hops

The hops are growing much faster and putting out many more cones than last year. Can’t wait to brew up another batch of estate ale.
Also interesting to see some of the first cicadas of the XXII brood attached to a few leaves.



Foot long green beans

I wish I could say these came from our garden, but alas, they didn’t. Maybe next year.



The Cascade & Nugget hops have reached the top of the fence in the servitude. I erected a 10 foot 4×4 post 12 feet from the fence and strung up the twine to allow them more room to grow. All the rest of the varieties have broken ground and so far only the Brewers Gold has not yet reached the twine connected to the fence.


Winter garden

We went to Naylor’s today and bought everything for our winter garden. Lots of weeding in the old cucumber bed. That will teach me to leave the bed with no plants and uncovered. We ran out of daylight today so we’ll get the lettuce, cilantro, & parsley planted tomorrow.


Homemade sushi

Made some salmon and veggie sushi for dinner. Delicious!


Irrigation controls

I finally got around to connecting all the irrigation zones together today. It looks good and most importantly, it works! I still have to connect in the rain barrels, but I have the parts already. At this point I just have to wait for the glue to dry and I can tie the barrels in. Once I have all of that in place I’ll run power to the cabinet so all you have to do is flip a switch. Hooray lazy gardening!


8 yards of dirt

Had the dirt for all the new beds delivered today. Should be a nice weekend for working outside.


Garden improvements http://t.c…

We tilled up most of the unplanted area in the garden and covered it with leaves to kill back the grass. We should finish the tilling next weekend, then move on to building the new beds and irrigation.

Bee on broccoli rabe

Some of the broccoli rabe flowered before we could eat it but the bees seem to love it.


Rain barrels

I built a stand to hold the rain barrels. They both fill very quickly in a rain storm. I just need to work on a way to get the water to flow down into the garden. The pressure from the barrels is lousy.
We went to the gulf coast brew fest in Lafayette this weekend. 120 different beers. Good times!


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