Food truck roundup at Tin Roof brewery

Went to the food truck roundup at Tin Roof brewery this evening. I was finally able to try the Parade Ground Porter. Overall I was disappointed with the porter. That seems to be my feeling about all the Tin Roof beers I have tried. They certainly aren’t bad, it’s just that there are better representations of the style out there. Definitely drinkable, but not my first choice. It was fun walking around the brewery now that we have started brewing though. That alone was worth the trip.


Clark’s Creek Mississippi

Cayenne and I went up to Clark’s creek in Mississippi this weekend to get out of the house for Holly’s baby shower. We walked along the trails and saw a few waterfalls! Not something I thought I’d be able to find so close to home. We both had a great time and were quite tired after all the hiking.



September CABA meeting

Light crowd this evening. Jimmy gave a presentation on early Louisiana beekeeping. Beekeeping in Louisiana started in 1750 with the first concrete documentation in 1804 and detailed commercial records in 1860. Some of the prominent names & events in LA beekeeping:
Paul Viallon Sr. 1870s – 1890s queen producer.
Shaw brothers from Iberia late 1860s sold bees & honey related products.
Southwestern beekeepers association started October10th, 1876 in Shreveport.
International beekeepers convention 1885.
Renewed interest in queen rearing and package bees 1915.
George Bohne led the movement to movable frame hives.
LA beekeepers association founded 1918.
1922 many laws regulating beekeeping passed around the country.
Walter T Kelley started beekeeping 1924 in Houma. Began selling hives in 1926.
If you are interested in the history of hives and design I highly recommend reading Gene Kritsky’s The Quest for the Perfect Hive which can be found at the library.

The annual Bee lab field day will be October 20th 9:30 – 3:30 at the Bee Lab on Ben Hur Rd. This was a great event last year and I’m looking forward to attending this year. You can sign up to attend and get more information at

Golden Gate Bridge

I was supposed to run the bridge with some other VMworld attendees tomorrow morning, but I couldn’t resist the weather today. No haze and the temp was just under 60. Amazing! And now I don’t have to wake up at 4:30 to get my sight seeing done. I’ve noticed that all the really cool things to do in SF involve steep inclines. My hotel is only 10 blocks from the conference center but 7 of those blocks are uphill. 300 feet uphill!



San Francisco in 1 day

I went to the farmers market, climbed the 400+ stairs to Coit tower, walked up the crooked part of Lombard street, saw Ghirardelli square, walked through the Castro and Haight Ashbury to see the botanical gardens, & Golden Gate Park. Lots of fun and lots of walking.



Probably the coolest thing was Telegraph Hill. The homes on the hill and the stairs were simply amazing. I even spotted a few beehives!


Perdido beach

Spent the weekend at Perdido beach.


Saw Better than Ezra live at the Varsity.


Langstroth hive

Barrett working a langstroth hive at the Baton Rouge bee lab field day.

Baton Rouge Bee lab field day

Went to the Baton Rouge Bee lab for their field day. Lots of good bee information. Not a mention of top bar hives, but still useful.


Garden festival

I wish I could say that these were our tomatoes. We went to that garden festival at the LSU ag center, and they were kind enough to let us pick a bag full of different tomato varieties as well as corn. We also learned a few tricks from the guide for growing tomatoes.