8 yards of dirt

Had the dirt for all the new beds delivered today. Should be a nice weekend for working outside.


New beehive.

I built a new top bar hive this weekend and rebuilt the roof for the old one. Used 5 V crimp panel they use for roofing. This works perfect! One 8′ piece is $16 and enough for two roofs. Frame it up with cedar and it’s light, solid, and resists the summer heat. Just need to build the legs and cut the top bars now.


Cabinet doors complete

We finally completed the cabinet doors for the built in shelves! So glad that project is done.


Garden improvements http://t.c…

We tilled up most of the unplanted area in the garden and covered it with leaves to kill back the grass. We should finish the tilling next weekend, then move on to building the new beds and irrigation.

Cabinet doors for built in shelves.

We wanted the built in shelving in the dining room to match the living room with cabinet doors at the bottom. You can see the progress in the photo stream.

New fence

Neighbors replaced the chain link fence with a 6 foot pine fence. They were even nice enough to give me the good side. 50% of the cost and 100% less labor is my kind of deal!


Photo frame and chest of drawers complete

The only thing better than completing a project is completing two projects! Astute observers will notice a missing pull on one of the top drawers. We seem to have misplaced it. Bummer.


Turtle wax

That’s right, I waxed the chest of drawers to get that piano gloss finish. Almost done!


Chest of drawers

We’re working on refurbishing a chest of drawers that someone thought was trash. We cut off the water damaged bottom and sanded everything smooth.


Hot sauce

Making a batch of Tabasco pepper sauce. Hopefully it is good, since the Tabasco plants are back with a vengeance this year!