I was heading out to check on the bees today and do a harvest, and I noticed there was busted comb underneath hive#2. I suited up and poked my head under since the screen had completely been torn off. I immediately knew the bees were all gone. To confirm I picked it up and moved it out of the apiary. There were wax moth larvae on the top bars and as I began to pull out the bars, there was severe wax moth damage to all the combs. I scraped the top bars clean and tossed the damaged comb in a garbage bag. I also mixed up some insecticidal soap and drenched the ground beneath the hive in hopes of killing all the wax moth and hive beetle larvae underneath it. I found a minimal amount of dead bees, so I think they either moved out and the wax moth larvae took over or they were overwhelmed and vacated. I had looked in this hive just 3 weeks earlier, and everything appeared normal.