The 12th we finally got around to brewing our first all grain batch of beer. The smell intensified and was more mouthwatering with each step. All of the equipment worked out perfectly, with the most impressive tool being the worth chiller. We were able to cool the worth from boiling to 70 degrees in 17 minutes. The only issue was the width of the pot. We started with 6.25 gallons and ended up with about 3.5. We made up the difference worth bottled water, but next time I’ll add an extra 1.5 gallons to the boil to compensate for the boil off. This last weekend we racked it to the glass car boy secondary to let it clarify and continue to ferment. Next weekend we bottle, then we wait. Its hard to see what is going on in some of the pictures cause the double chocolate stout is so dark. In other news, y pale ale will be ready in two more weeks.