My second brew is complete. It carbed just fine and looked like a normal beer when I opened it! That was very exciting. I think the extra water boiling off had an impact on the abv%. I just finished drinking it and I feel like I drank 2 beers. Not a bad thing, but good to note! Tasted too sweet to me, so I’ll let it go another 2 weeks in the bottles before I try another one. I see now how racking to secondary helps. This stuff is far from transparent. It is definitely better than the Mr. Beer brew though. The all grain batch got bottled this weekend and should be ready just in time for the Amite Diversion beer fest. I tried to get the color true to life in the picture. It looks to be about a 21 – 22 on the Lovibond scale. I can’t wait to see how the all grain stout tastes. This batch definitely proves it is very difficult to make bad beer!