The November CABA meeting included a honey contest and demonstration on multiple aspects of beekeeping. Dr. Bob Danka spoke about how the honey is judged. The primary factor is moisture content. There were 4 entries disqualified because they were above the maximum moisture content of 18.6%. The quality of the container is also very important, since points are deducted for imperfections in the queenline jars. Beyond that, bubbles, lint, & other impurities in the honey all detract points. Dr. Danka said they do not judge the honey flavor against the other entries, but they judge based on the presence of off flavors created by excess smoke or too much heat processing.

Several CABA members had setups explaining various aspects of beekeeping. Jack demonstrated a frame jig used to put together 10 frames at once. Orie, the club apiarist, demonstrated hive body building. David showed everyone tips on taking hive notes and spoke about the advantages of solid bottom boards. Another member gave tips on wiring frames. There were also interesting custom made gadgets for various tasks.