Jimmy gave an excellent presentation on how to install packages in a new hive.
David gave a very thorough presentation on how to make splits to increase your colony count. The important takeaways here are:

  • It takes 2 days to start raising a queen then 16 days to hatch, 3-4 days to mate, 3-4 days to mature.
  • The old queen always leaves with swarm.
  • If a hive does swarm it is best to re queen, since there is no way to determine that the queen the colony raises will be of good quality.
  • You should have at least 7 frames of good pattern brood before a split.

David went into depth with pictures on a number of different techniques for splitting colonies.  He discussed Out Yard, In Yard, & Adee splits, which I have heard of.  He also discussed Harbo, Katrina, & Ferguson splits.

The Katrina split was developed as a result of the hurricane losses and involves making a split every 14 days.  With this method they were averaging 4 new hives from one original hive.
Ferguson splits are done on top of each other to increase output of drawn comb and two queen hives to increase honey production.