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Irrigation controls

I finally got around to connecting all the irrigation zones together today. It looks good and most importantly, it works! I still have to connect in the rain barrels, but I have the parts already. At this point I just have to wait for the glue to dry and I can tie the barrels in. Once I have all of that in place I’ll run power to the cabinet so all you have to do is flip a switch. Hooray lazy gardening!



The garden is doing well. We snapped a few pictures of the tomatoes. The bees have expanded to take over 2/3rds of the hive space. No pictures of that though.


Front garden

We wrapped up on the front garden this weekend. We pulled out all the old red mulch & dead plants; put down weed block & planted a bunch of perennials. We also pulled up all the edging and re-laid it straight and level. This should make it pretty bullet proof so we can focus on the garden that we can eat from!




Garden progress

I built a base for the radial arm saw so I’ll be able to roll it out of the shed to work on things. Now I don’t have to cleanup the shed every time, I have better light, and ventilation. We built a 3 foot tall 12 foot long trellis from scraps in the shed for the mirliton vine to grow on.
The bees are crazy busy. They have 7 combs drawn out and are working on 8.




Fence completed

We finished the fence Sunday and got half the beds planted. Things should do much better this year with the soil being more mature and no puppy interference.

Garden fence pickets

We finished the runners and put up the pickets for the short side of the fence. It really does look good. Now that we have daylight until 7 we should be able to wrap up the rest over the course of the week. The beehive parts are almost ready to go together, but that will most likely be next weekend.

Garden fence posts

We got all the posts planted in the ground today. We’re still not sure what pickets we are going to use. But one step closer to keeping an inquisitive puppy out of our garden!

Garden fence

Digging the holes for the garden fence posts. Tough work even with the auger! Cayenne gets to supervise and work on her tan.