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Cicadas & hops

The hops are growing much faster and putting out many more cones than last year. Can’t wait to brew up another batch of estate ale.
Also interesting to see some of the first cicadas of the XXII brood attached to a few leaves.



Hops Update

The hops are doing well, with the exception of the Brewers Gold. The Cascade, Chinook, & Nugget have all passed ten feet in length and have begun to produce cones. The Magnum is just at 6 feet, Centennial & Willamette are only at about four feet.



The Cascade & Nugget hops have reached the top of the fence in the servitude. I erected a 10 foot 4×4 post 12 feet from the fence and strung up the twine to allow them more room to grow. All the rest of the varieties have broken ground and so far only the Brewers Gold has not yet reached the twine connected to the fence.